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Mission and Vission


With the principle of public benefit and stakeholder satisfaction and a perspective adopting universal criteria and ethical values in education and research, Çankırı Karatekin University aims to compete at the international level in scientific and artistic fields and to educate individuals who are equipped with critical thinking and professional competence and who internalized the lifelong learning philosophy and who will produce, apply and disseminate new knowledge.


To become an innovative institution, which is seen as a pioneer in education and research internationally and preferred by students, researchers and employees.


  • Devoted to universal ethical values
  • Embracing critical thinking
  • Maintaining a high level of professional competence
  • Honoring national values
  • Respectful of human rights
  • Adopting analytical thinking
  • Hardworking and productive
  • Fair, reliable and transparent
  • Giving importance to stakeholder satisfaction
  • Becoming innovative and pioneering
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Enabling freedom and polyphony
  • Being an accessible university