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Sports Areas

Our office also manages sports activities in basketball, volleyball, football, wrestling, table tennis, badminton, court tennis, indoor football, karate, gymnastics, judo, muay–thai, taekwondo, kick boxing, and representation of our university in domestic and international competitions.

Step Aerobics, Zumba, Trekking and Paintball activities are also organized for our students to have fun and take part in sports.

Approximately 300 students participates in the Annual Çankırı Karatekin University Traditional Sports Games. In the competitions held in basketball, volleyball, futsal, table tennis and badminton, the teams of our Faculties and Colleges compete with each other.

Our university serves to its students with 3 Indoor Sports Halls, 2 Wellness Centers (Fitness Halls), 1 Step-Aerobics Hall, 1 Gymnastics Hall, 1 Far East and Boxing Hall, 1 Wrestling Hall.

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